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2023/4 BBSC Abbreviated Basketball Rules


  • We follow FIBA standard rules unless stated otherwise.
  • Games will start on time. Clock will START as soon as the Ref is present. 15 SEC. WARNING TO TEAMS.
  • A Team may start and continue to play a game with 4 players.
  • Games will consist of two 15-minute stop time halves.
  • Stop time will occur on all calls by the ref.  During the final 2 minutes of the second half, stop time will include baskets when the point spread is 10 or less only. 
  • Free Throws: 2 throws starting with the 8th team foul per half.
  • Two (2) Time outs per half – no carry over.  One (1) remaining in last 2 minutes of play only.
  • One (1) Time out for overtime – no carry over. Tied game = 2-minute OT. If still tied, game is over.
  • Half time consists of a 60 second break.
  • Outside Key and Inside 3 Point line.


Two - 30 sec. time outs in the first half, Two – 30 sec. time outs in the second half with no carry-over. 
During the second half, teams will only have 1 time out with 2 min. remaining. OVERTIME – One - 30 second time out.


We have collected a $50 DEFAULT FEE for 2024. Any fees owed to BBSC must be paid prior to your next game.
Two technical fouls or un-sportsman fouls in any game = automatic ejection plus a 1 game min. suspension.

  • 1st TECH/UN-SPORTS foul on a player costs the TEAM $10  
  • 2nd TECH/UN-SPORTS foul on same player costs the TEAM $20
  • 3rd TECH/UN-SPORTS foul on same player costs the TEAM $30 (Add $10 each new tech) etc…
  • 4th TECH/UN-SPORTS foul on same player AUTOMATIC 2 game suspension
  • 8th TECH/UN-SPORTS foul on same player an AUTOMATIC suspension for remainder of the season & playoffs, plus a discipline hearing and potential future suspensions

B’nai Brith will not tolerate any verbal/physical abuse of refs, players or SCOREKEEPERS. Any disciplinary actions will be handed out by the director of BBSC.

No Dunking or Hanging on rims – Technical fouls will be assessed.


A default occurs when a team has fewer than 4 players of which 3 are on the team roster to start a game. OR canceling a game with less than 48 hours’ notice. OR not showing up for a game.
A default fee of $50 will be assessed by the league to the team.
TEAMs must pay any technical fouls prior to the team’s next game – if not paid, TEAM DEFAULTS.
A team has 10 min. to have minimum number of players on the court to start the 7:30 game ONLY.


Any paid-up member of B’nai Brith is eligible to play for a team under the following circumstances: 

  • Player must be cleared FIRST by the BBSC Director.
  • A Team may start and continue to play a game with 4 players. 3 players must be on the Team Roster or Default.
  • Players may fill in for the 5th/6th player to represent a full team – leniency is allowed for special circumstances (i.e. for injuries.) Special permission must be in writing by Director of BBSC.
  • Eligible players may fill in during the regular season only. (Not in the playoffs unless special consideration has been granted by the league executive in advance.)
  • All players must play half of the league games to be eligible for the playoffs.

UNIFORMS:  All players must be wearing the same color uniform on a team. Each jersey must have a number on the back minimum 6”.  In an emergency, you may use tape on the back of a jersey or MARKER on a T-Shirt.
FULL TEAM jerseys are required by Dec. 1 2023 or team will face a penalty / losing default fee.

SAFETY FIRST:  Kippahs may be worn when playing, however, no metal clips are allowed.


Paying B'nai Brith Annual Membership Dues: 
Your annual B’nai Brith membership allows you to play in B’nai Brith Sports of Canada. The membership covers some of our insurance needs and you will receive from B’nai Brith Canada Foundation a Revenue Canada - charitable tax receipt. As such these funds are not refundable. With this membership you will be able to join all the sports programs offered by B’nai Brith Sports.

Please follow the directions on filling out the Membership and credit card information. This is mandatory as your registration can not be submitted without the dues payment of $75. If you choose to hold off on payment you will be wait listed.  All major Credit Cards are accepted. If you have paid, during the summer months, for softball, you will need to request a DISCOUNT CODE so you will not be charged a second time. Your payment will be verified, and your registration will be put through the system.  If a player has checked off they have paid when in fact they have not please remember that they are not registered on their team.  If they are not paid prior to opening day of the season the player risks not being able to play and the team may risk default.

We are starting a NEW membership registration process. If you have an issue with registration please contact the office.
aritter@bnaibrith.ca or call 416-633-6224 x119.

Many of the questions are "forced fields" where if left empty you will not be able to complete the process. Please review all information prior to payment.

Team Fees will be processed by the Captain or Manager of the team only. They will submit payment to the Director to open up the process for a TEAM LISTING in your league. Divisions will be determined once registration is closed.