Paying B'nai Brith Annual Membership Dues on line 
Each player must pay separately to Bnai Brith Canada annual Membership Dues. This process is now part of the registration form Please follow the directions on filling out the credit card information This is a mandatory field as your registration can not be submitted with out the dues payment of $100. All major Credit Cards are accepted. If you have paid it while playing another sport you will not be asked to pay it again as it is only due once in a calendar year. Your payment will be verified and your registration will be put through the system.  If a player has checked off they have paid when in fact they have not please remember that they are not registered on their team and if not  paid prior to opening day of the season or the player risks not being able to start the season. Multiple unpaid dues on 1(one) team could result in the default of game(s)

We have tried to streamline the process this year by asking for a minimal amount of information. Many of the questions are "forced fields" where if left empty you will not be able to complete the process.

We are looking for Division Reps and members to join the New Sports Corp Board. Please contact Avi Ritter at 416-633-6224 x119 to get involved

Due to COVID-19 we are asking that teams place a refundable TEAM DEPOSIT of $500 to secure a place for the season. We anticipate a start of the season in November/December 2020 total cost is TBD. If for reasons beyond our control, the season is not able to proceed the funds will be refunded.

For the 2020/2021 Season, Teams will be offered to select a primary and a secondary day to play. Once all teams have made the selection we will match up best we can to offer the majority of games on your preferred day. Of course there will be the odd exception where some games may be moved to a different night of the week. If you need confirmation of which night of the week a Division plays on please contact 

If your team is new to the league your manager/coach must first contact our Director of Sports, Avi Ritter at
 to have a team name set up for your player’s registrations. An appropriate Division (skill level) will also be discussed at that time.



For purposes of registration ONLY, only one person (i.e. coach, manager) on your team is responsible for the complete payment of the roster fees. There is a box that asks “Are you the person financially responsible for payment?”…. if this box is checked then a payment procedure will be triggered asking for credit payment (by Visa or MasterCard). (Basketball Captains are to contact Avi Ritter)

If you are NOT the person (i.e. coach) responsible for payment of the team's roster fees, DO NOT check that box.
If you have checked off that you are responsible for payment, you will be asked to submit a credit payment along with your registration. (for 2020 Avi Ritter will handle this process of Registration for the team and collect payments)

As the person responsible for the payment, it is your responsibility to collect the roster fee from your team mates.  Of course it is up to you if you do it prior to or after you have registered. B’nai Brith cannot assist in collecting funds on your behalf. Do not identify yourself as "the coach/person" responsible unless you are the person making the full roster payment

There is a waiver and disclaimer that you are asked to read and to check the appropriate box.  Each individual player must register on their own in order to be able to read and execute those sections of the registration form. It is for that reason we must forbid a player/ individual from filling out the online registration form for other team mates.  During the registration period B’nai Brith will be checking registration forms and if it has been found that a player has not registered on their own, they will be considered non eligible to play.

Make sure all Fields are correctly filled out by double checking prior to submitting the registration page. 

We look forward to another great season at B’NAI BRITH SPORTS of CANADA !!!!!

BEFORE YOU REGISTER....Read the instructions below:

(1) Your email address will become the primary key that identifies you in our Registration System. If you use multiple email addresses (i.e. work and home), please consider using the email address that you will best suit you and that you can remember. Your email address will also become your Login ID.

(2) You will also need to enter a password. Think of one that you can remember in order to login to this website again.

(3) Ensure that you allow your email client to accept our emails. Add notification@leagueathletics.com to your email Contact List (so that automated emails from our web system are not filtered out as Spam)


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